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Your Superior Colorado Shutter Company Q&A’s

Q1. How do your prices compare to stores?

If you take in all the aspects associated in the process of having shutters installed you will find we are super competitive however in most cases we are providing far superior quality shutters from thickness of shutters, warranty, and detailed installation.

There are 4 tiers of quality we offers:

1) USA made. The best high-end quality Shutter. (Competitors do not offer this)
2) USA made. The most common quality Shutter. (Still better than most in CO)
3) Mexican made. Less expensive quality Shutter. (Comparable to Lowes for less)
4) China A. (Best of China)
5) China B. (Great price point and still decent quality)
6) China C. (Home Depot style) we highly discourage this experience.

Q2. What is your lead-time?

Everybody wants his or her shutters in quick. We understand however we must provide quality and allow dry times for finish and careful processes that take time. Rushing too quickly is not a good idea when purchasing quality shutters however, Special quick lead times are available upon request and may cost more. Vinyl Shutters are not our first preference in quality however these ship the quickest and installed in 2-3 weeks if you are in pinch and willing to sacrifice a real wood shutter experience.

1) USA made installed in 4-8 Weeks.
2) Mexico made installed in 5-8 Weeks.
3) China made installed in 6-12 Weeks.

Q3. Are USA made wood shutters affordable?

Our goal is to first earn your trust. We will do what ever we can within reason to earn you into quality real wood shutters. Hint-Hint, most referrals come from our best quality jobs. You would be surprised. For a few dollars a Sq. ft. more you can have the absolute best shutters in the world installed and trust us when we say they are noticeably far better than the most common shutters people are sold into. There are people that want cheap stuff and we understand sometimes its necessary and not all people will buy into quality and would rather go temporary. Let’s say you budgeted for $5000 for Shutters. Then you see our cheaper shutters cost $4700. Then we show you how it will cost $5200 for the absolute best. I mean you have saved up for this for long time maybe. Why not wait and do it right the first time or find a way to make sure you made the right investment? This is where we shine! We provide a transferable lifetime limited warranty! Ask any other company if they offer this? Then read the fine print. The finish is a ten-year warranty, which is un-matched for wood. The reason its not lifetime on the finish is that we do not know how certain people will treat their shutters. If it rains on your shutters that is fine, but if you do not wipe them down after a good soaking then after years it will catch up to the finish. Otherwise it’s the best in the industry. Yes these shutters cost a bit more than Chinese shutters but when you have the best you will definitely know it and so will your friends.

Q4. What is your warranty?

Most warranties out there are detailed with fine print. We will provide you details in person. What most people want to know is the following and keep in mind each shutter has a unique warranty but our best quality has the best warranty of course.

1) Will you be in business? We are 23 years strong and here to stay.
2) What does it actually cover? We have a transferable lifetime limited warranty that covers even the dog chewing your slats. Yes I said it. Ask other companies if they will cover your dogs eating habits. Ask for details.
3) Other warranties are limited lifetime. What makes yours special? Ours is transferable forever! Also the dogs eating habits again. Then the finish for our best quality shutter is 10 years. Most are 3-5. Plastic might be more but they have not been around long enough to even know how they will react long term. Besides, they have issues far greater than the finish to address.

Q5. Real Wood Shutters Vs. Faux Shutters?

Whether you decide to buy Real Wood or an alternative (many plastic styles) Shutters, we will always first show you the Shutters that have stood the test of time in the CO environment and honestly educate you with the experience of 23 years of building shutters and or in the industry.

Here is the cut to the chase short version and if you want more keep reading.

CUT TO THE CHASE!!!! Short Version


WHY??? China & Canada primarily decided to buy themselves into the industry and find cheaper ways to beat the competition. Unfortunately this equals cheaper which is also cheaper in quality. Sure they say they are GREEN but are chemicals GREEN? Does plastic melt and burn in the sun? ALWAYS. Give it time and they will fail. They are banking on you selling your home in 5-7 years, which will end the warranty if any. Are we negative about these materials? No. We are rather honest and until a product other than quality wood stands the test of time we will be cautious in our plastic dealing and communication.


Shutters in Colorado has gone through many changes over the last decade or so. Being in the Mile high city few manufactures have survived the tough Economic Plunge. Then China made their statement and invested heavily into this industry. Canada also made their mark. Keep in mind it is important to know that no matter what you read below and how we word things the bottom line comes down to quality. We are truly building our reputation on quality, service at a fair price. We are consumers also and when we get our bids we are looking at the company, passion for their products and we study whether they enjoy what they do. We also want to know how involved the owners are and we view away from large impersonal companies that just about umbers. There is no one size meets all answer to this big question of Faux vs. Real Wood. The Shutter industry for over 100 years was built on true real USA wood Craftsmanship.

Mom and Pop factories were all over our Country. These true pioneers built this amazing timeless industry. So to say Wood Shutters are inferior to plastics & composite materials would be silly & absolutely incorrect. The Plastics industry (Faux, PVC, Mdf, Composite, Vinyl, New Style, Poly, New Style), or any other material other than wood has its place if you can get past the possible chemical smell, feel of plastic, finish of plastic look, many limitations to sizes and longevity. Tubs, showers, bathrooms, small laundry windows and garage windows can benefit from these materials with the moisture that may be present and since they are not your first impressions when walking into the house the plastic look will not set the stage. Personally we at Colorado Shutters like to set the stage with real quality Wood Shutters and mix in some PVC Shutters in smaller areas that might get wet. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! We just had to say this once since it’s so true. You can buy cheap wood shutters that have a poor finish, cheaper wood species, and thin made panels that have not been moisture controlled and basically cured before they are installed into your home.

Then, a salesperson can also recommend plastics when your windows are too large for this material and you end up with heavily sagging shutters. The best way to answer this for yourself is to go with your gut. You have saved your hard earned money for Shutters, which will change your life, and home so is it ok to spend a little more and do it once? It is vital that you feel really good about your decision and enjoy the process. If you have had quality wood shutters in the past it will be really hard for some to adjust to plastics. Patio furniture is not the same as real wood furniture. So would you put patio furniture into your dining room? Our advice is to if at all possible, buy in the USA, test your salesperson and if doing your online research, remember most info on the Internet is biased and is geared to sell you. Find quality long-term companies that have been solid and that installs the very shutters they sold you.

The Limitations such as colors, sizes and or with heavy sagging vary. One of the most significant limitations to Faux Wood/PolyCore shutters is door width. Where wider doors exist, real wood, which are lighter in weight, are the better option.

Another alternative to wider doors is a poly wood material with aluminum reinforcements. Poly Core.  They also offer a good price point, they are a fantastic insulator, and are easy to clean however again, they are not as solid and add much weight to the doors.

So, if you’re looking for a Colorado shutter with a fantastic stain or a well-built composite shutter, there are several excellent choices with Hybrid shutters depending on your expectations.

Q6. Are shutters "Made in China" a quality product?

Shutters made in China are unpredictable but are less expensive. Their delivery schedule ranges from eight to ten weeks and if you your order is in the system during Chinese New Year you will need to allow for 10-12 weeks or more. Keep in mind the Shutters after manufactured will be on a Boat from China for almost a month, then through customs and after 4-5 forklifts, trucks and handling your shutters are lucky to arrive in good shape. Then imagine having to re-order damaged shutters from China. The positives are cheap and when we say cheap we mean it. We prefer not to cut corners to save a few bucks. Most sales people in wanting to make the sale usually offer the cheapest first hoping to lure you into their program offered. Also most companies today selling shutters are usually blind and shade companies and they refer out the shutters and installation. This means they usually only offer one shutter program. Of course they will tell you their product is the best.

Q7. Who installs your shutters?

We do.

Q8. Are your estimates free?

Yes, as long as you are somewhat close to where we reside.

Q9. Do you repair other company’s shutters?

Yes we do. We love to help. Sometimes we repair and sometimes we put better quality in your home.

Q10. Do you love your customers and love what you do?

HAHA you bet we do!

If you are looking for shutters in Parker, Aurora, and Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas then please call (303) 805-0700 or complete our online request form.